Introduction to VirtualDek 2.0

Welcome to a brighter day with VirtualDek 2.0!


VirtualDek 2.0 is a Virtual DJ Studio Emulator designed to run on the Windows Platform. It may not be a new or original concept to allow people to DJ using their PC or Laptop, however, we have been careful to select the features we think are not available in other DJ software packages. Features that will make VirtualDek unique, easier and faster to use when you need to rely on DJ software.

Features include Simple Drag and Drop interface, Timestretching, Inverted Feedback Phaser, Tri-Mode VCF Filter and ... never heard before in DJ Software ...'The Matrix Effect' - Inspired by the film 'The Matrix'.

VirtualDek 2.0 has been designed to be installed and to run on most Windows Platforms and can even run in Windows 98!, It will, however need a reasonably fast CPU Processor (500Mhz+) and plenty of RAM Memory (256Mb+)

It has been beta-tested and found to work on Windows 98, 2000, CE, ME, NT, 2003 and XP platforms. There is currently not a version for Vista as yet, but will be soon.

Two of the most predominant features of VirtualDek 2.0 include Beat-Matching (or BPM Detection) and also Beat Wave Display. These allow the user to have total control over the timing and syncronization of the tracks being mixed and adds that 'proffessional touch' required by DJ performers who wish to build their reputation commercially and at live events.

VirtualDek 2.0 features an 8 note polyphonic sampler. You can load samples in WAV,MP3 or WMA format and even control parameters such as Volume, Pitch, Pitch-Bend, Low/Band/High Pass Filter and more! Samples can be triggered from the Pads or by using the keyboard (F1-F8)

A feature also very powerful in VirtualDek 2.0 is the ability to create Audio Regions for Looping and various playback functions. Regions can be Cued, Edited and Saved at anytime. Regions of Audio can even be Exported to MP3,WMA and WAV files and even used as Ringtones or reloaded into the VirtualDek 2.0 Sampler!

VirtualDek 2.0 allows the user to connect a Microphone and to dub your voice over the mix. The powerful Voice Over feature when activated, ducks the music for you automatically when you speak adding that proffessional touch which will raise your reputation for high clarity and quality audio productions.

The playlist in VirtualDek 2.0 could not be easier to use! Simply Drag, Drop everything! You can construct playlists from your MP3, WMA and WAV files and even from Audio CD's by using VirtualDek 2.0's Audio CD Import Utility. You can Search your Drives for any Media using the Media Search Utility. The Media Search Utility allows you to even filter out Genres so that you only find 'TRANCE' music on your drives etc...

VirtualDek 2.0 also features a Media Pool Database that will safely keep the details of all Media that has been added\loaded, BPM scanned and Beat Mapped. This saves time when loading them in again, as VirtualDek 2.0 has no need to scan their BPM values or to create Beat Maps. Items from the Media Pool Database can be selectively removed at anytime.

VirtualDek 2.0 features a built in recorder to record your mixes. Your recordings are kept in an archive where you can then if you wish, export them to formats including MP3, WMA and WAV ready to download to your iPod, MP3 player and then even published to the Web!

If that is not enough, it even features a built in CD\DVD Burner utility! so you can burn your mixes direct to Audio DVD or Audio CD and play them at high volume in your Car or on your HiFi system!


Now all you need is your Laptop to DJ!



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