VirtualDek 2.0 Screenshots and Explanations (designed for 1024x768 screen resolution, optimum)

The Burn Audio CD Panel

Detailed Description of Each Flashing Number:


The Recordings List. Displays a list of available Recordings including their respective size in MegaBytes (Mb). These can be added to the Burn List and put onto an Audio CD

The Burn List. Displays the list Recordings that will be written to the Audio CD when you click 'Burn CD' (13)
Click here to Select All of the Recordings in the Recordings List (1). Items in the Recordings List (1) that are Selected are Added when you click on 'Add' (4) to the Burn List (2).
Click here to Add all of the Selected Recordings from the Recordings List (1) to the Burn List (2)
Click here to Select All of the Recordings in the Burn List (2). Items in the Burn List (2) that are Selected can be Deleted when you click on 'Delete' (6)
Click here to Delete all of the items in the Burn List (2). Note: This only Removes the selected items in the list and does not delete any files from the Hard Drive.
Select Recording Device. Here you can choose the Recording Device which you would like to use to Create and Burn your Audio Mixes. If your computer has more than one CD/DVD Recorder, you can select the one you wish to use. Operations such as Eject (11), Erase (12) and Burn CD (13) will not take effect on the Drive that is selected.
 Shows the Total Space in MegaBytes (Mb) available on the CD/DVD Medium (Disc) in the Selected CD/DVD Recorder Drive. For most CD-R's this is about 702Mb and for DVD's this is over 4000Mb.
 Shows the Total Space in MegaBytes (Mb) used by your Burn List (2).
 Shows the Total Space in MegaBytes (Mb) currently available and remaining on the CD/DVD Medium (Disc) in the Selected CD/DVD Recorder Drive. This is the same as subtracting the Total Space used in (9) from the Total Space Available in (8)
Click here to Eject the Medium from the Selected Drive
Click here to Erase the Medium (only works with ReWriteable CD/DVD Discs). This operation can take upto 10 Minutes to complete.
Click here to actually Burn your CD/DVD. Only click this once you are fully satisfied that the Recordings in the Burn List (2) are ready to Burn to CD/DVD. You will be notified of the Burn Progress.
Click here to Close the Burn CD Panel. This can take a few seconds as the Recorder Devices have to be released back to Windows.
Progress Indicator. This shows the progress (%) of the Burn. CD's usually will take about 5 Minutes to Burn and DVD's can take upto 30 Minutes to Burn.
Status Bar. This shows you the Status of any operations currently being executed from within the Burn CD Panel.


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