VirtualDek 2.0 Screenshots and Explanations (designed for 1024x768 screen resolution, optimum)

The Export Audio Panel

Detailed Description of Each Flashing Number:


Shows the Source of the Audio which you intend to Export. This can be either Audio from your Recordings List or a portion of Audio Selected from the Selection/Region Edit Panel.

Displays the Duration of the Audio.
Shows the Name of the Audio Recording or Selection that you wish to Export. It will use a name generated from the Recording or Song selected previously. You can type in your own name here.
This Drop-Down List allows you to select a desired format for the Audio you wish to Export. Formats include MP3, WMA or WAV. See also (7) for setting Format Properties such as Bitrate, Quality etc...
Displays the Full Path or Folder where the Audio File will be Exported and Written to. In the image at the top this is C:\My Music. This, however, could be set to your portable iPod or MP3 player.
Click here to Open an Explorer (My Computer) Window that shows the contents of the Folder with the Exported Audio File and will enable you to perform your usual Window based file operations on the Exported Audio File.
Click here to Open the The Export Format Panel Properties such as the Bitrate, Samplerate, Bit Depth, Quality etc... can all be set or changed here.
Click here to Change the Path where the Audio File will be Exported and Written to. See (5).
Click here to begin Export. The progress and status of the Export will be shown (11 & 12).
Click to Close the Export Audio Panel.
Progress Indicator. Shows the Progress of the Export.
Status Bar. Displays the current task and any other progress information.


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