VirtualDek 2.0 Screenshots and Explanations (designed for 1024x768 screen resolution, optimum)

The Export Audio Format Panel

Detailed Description of Each Flashing Number:


Selects a ready made Template. For CD Quality Audio, Select the DEFAULT Template of 44100Hz, 16-Bit, Stereo. For Uploading to the Internet, choose 11025Hz, 8-Bit, Mono. If you have chosen MP3 or WMA as your Export Format, then the above controls will change and you will only need to change the Bitrate setting. When Exporting to MP3, you can enable VBR (Variable Bit Rate) which claims to give a slightly smaller filesize while acceptable quality remains.

Displays the SampleRate. Only for WAV files. You can enter any Samplerate here. The SampleRate is the amount of Samples Per Second that the sound plays back at. The higher the SampleRate, the better the Quality and vice-versa.
Displays the BitDepth. Only for WAV files. You can select what Bit Depth you would like your Exported Audio to be. Choose 16 Bits for High Quality and normal File Size and 8 Bits for Lower Quality but Half the File Size.
Display the number of Channels. Select Mono or Stereo. Mono will of course blend the Stereo Channels together into One Channel but the Filesize will be Half Normal (0.5x). Choose Stereo for Full Stereo with Normal 1.0x Filesize.
Click Cancel to Close the Window without saving any Changes.
Click OK to Close the Window and save your Changes.


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