VirtualDek 2.0 Screenshots and Explanations (designed for 1024x768 screen resolution, optimum)

The Sampler Panel

Detailed Description of Each Flashing Number:

SampleBank List. To Load a SampleBank, select one from the List and then Click Load (2). To Save a SampleBank that you have created, either Select an existing SampleBank from the List or Type a New Name into the Textbox area of the List and then click on Save (3). VirtualDek 2.0 comes complete with two High Quality SampleBanks, one is a Drum Kit with some added Vocals and the other is all Vocal Hits.
Click here to Load the Selected SampleBank from the SampleBank List (1)
Click here to Save the current SampleBank to the SampleBank List (1)
Click here to Clear the Sampler and start New with Empty Samplepads.
Click here to Delete the Currently Selected SampleBank from the SampleBank List (1)
Check this box to enable Monitoring of the Sampler thru the Monitor Channel (normally USB Headset)
Adjusts the Samplers Master Volume Level
This is the Sample Pad. Click this to Play or Stop the Loaded Sample. Also displays the Samples Name. Keys F1 to F8 are used to Trigger these Samples (8 altogether)
Displays a Waveform representing the Sample Volume levels.
Click here to Load a New Sample into the Sampler. You can load MP3, WMA and WAV files from your HardDrive.
Click here to Edit the Loaded Sample. See The Sample Edit Panel
Click here to Close the Sampler Panel.
This is the Progress Indicator and shows the completion progress of any tasks.
This is the Status Bar and displays information about any tasks being currently executed.
Displays the amount of the Computers Memory (or RAM) that the Sampler occupies. This is obviously more if you load more Samples or the Samples are Large in size etc...


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