VirtualDek 2.0 Screenshots and Explanations (designed for 1024x768 screen resolution, optimum)

The Media Search Utility Panel

Detailed Description of Each Flashing Number:

Displays the Starting Location or Path on your Hard Drive where the Search will begin from. You can change this path by clicking on Change (2).
Click here to Change the Search's Start Location/Path.
Type in the Search Phrase here. You may want to type part of an Artists name, or a part of the Title, or the Genre or Style of the type of Songs you want to find.
Click here to Start your Search. The Status Bar at the Bottom of the Panel will keep you informed on the progress of the Search. The Search results (if any) will be listed as the Search is performed.
Check this to include MP3 (Mpeg Layer 3) files in your Search.
Check this to include WMA (Windows Media Audio) files in your Search.
Check this to include WAV (Uncompressed PCM) files in your Search.
This is the Item Number Column and displays the Index of the Song in the List.
This is the Title Column and displays the Songs Title.
This is the Artist Column and displays the Songs Author.
This is the Format Column and Displays the Songs Format (either MP3,WMA or WAV)
This is the Duration Column and Displays the Songs Duration.
This is the Genre Column and Displays the Songs Style or Genre.
Check this to include Searching through the Meta Tag information in the Song Files. Meta Tag information contains more information than the Filename contains, such as Artist, Title, Genre, Duration, and much more... Enabling this does slow down the Search though as it has to sift through much more information .
Check this to include Sub Folders in your Search. For example, I may want to Search the whole of my C: Drive for any Songs, therefore I need to Search through all of the Folders and Sub Folders on the Drive so I check this box. Another Example is that I only want to Search the Root Folder of C: Drive but do not want to sift through all of the Sub Folders, therefore I do NOT check this box.
Click here to Play the Selected Song from the List. The Song will be opened and played using your Default Windows Media Player.
Click here to Select All of the Songs in the List.
Click here to Load the Selected Songs from the List to the VirtualDek 2.0 Playlist.
Click here to Close the Media Search Utility Panel.
Status Bar. Displays any information relating to your Search such as the Current Folder being searched etc...


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