VirtualDek 2.0 Screenshots and Explanations (designed for 1024x768 screen resolution, optimum)

The Syncronize USB Headset Panel

Detailed Description of Each Flashing Number:

Adjusts the Headphone / Speaker Offset. You will need use your own hearing to get the Headphones and Speaker in perfect time with each other while adjusting this control therefore click the Test button which Plays a Metronome to aid you in this task.
Check this to Always display the Headset Sync Panel when you Start VirtualDek 2.0 everytime. You may need to ReSync each time you Start VirtualDek 2.0, therefore this option is added to make this task easier.
Click here to Play a Sync Metronome. This sound will help you to Syncronize the Headset with the Speakers. You need to get the clicking sound in perfect time from the Headset and Speakers at the same time. Adjust the Offset to achieve this (1)
Click this to Close the Syncronize USB Headset Panel


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