Setting VirtualDek in a Live Venue

You may want to setup VirtualDek at a live Gig or Venue and DJ using it instead of dragging all that heavy equipment around like the Decks, Turntables, Boxes of Records etc...!

Here, we will attempt to you an idea of how to go about this. Firstly, if you are going to use VirtualDek at a Live Event, you will need a Laptop to run it on.

Using an expensive Laptop will improve performance, speed and reliability with VirtualDek 2.0 which is paramount if you are going to perform to a large audience that depend on your skills to keep the Venue rocking, therefore an expensive Laptop is recommended that has specifications similar to 2.0-3.0GHz Processor for Processing Speed, 1Gb RAM to accomodate loaded Songs and Samples, and a 100GB Hard Drive to store all those MP3, WMA and WAV files.

You will need to use a Power Amplifier System (PA) at your Event that you can connect to your Laptop/PC. Nearly all computers nowadays have a SoundCard installed that has Audio Connectors either at the Back, the Front or even the Side of the PC. These connectors are usually 3.5mm Jack Sockets and you should find a socket for MIC Input, LINE Input, Speakers Out and maybe Rear Speakers out (if you have a 3D SoundCard).

You are going to need to connect the Speakers Out to the Power Amplifier using a connecting lead. These leads are usually available from most Electrical High Street Stores. You may need to buy an adapter that converts to a 3.5mm Plug so that you can plug it into the SoundCard sockets at the Back, Front or Side your PC.

You will most likely want to use a MIC at a live event, so we recommend using a high quality Microphone such as a Shure - Prologue. This Microphone may have a Large 6.0mm Jack plug or even an XLR plug at the end, so you really need one with a 6.0mm Jack plug to make it easier to convert down to a 3.5mm Jack plug so it will fit into your Soundcard's MIC socket.

You can route the Microphone through VirtualDek, but some delay may be experienced, or you can route it Live through the Windows Mixer or even both. This is entirely upto you which method you prefer. See the Help file Setting up your Hardware.

If you plan on using a USB Headset then Plug this in and Sync it before the event. You may need to keep the USB Headphones in Sync manually throughout the performance, but that is easy enough, as you can use the Shortcut Keys + and - on the NumberPad to adjust the Sync and compare it with the Master out sound coming from the PA Speakers.

Okay, make sure you have your Playlists ready constructed and your Loops and Regions ready constructed too. Make sure that you have rehearsed the performance and even recorded it then listened back to it after to see that it will go down well when you perform.

With all this, you should be ready for your First Live Gig using VirtualDek 2.0 !

PS. Don't forget to play our Demo tracks at the Event will you !


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