Entering your Full Version Unlock Key and Activating VirtualDek 2.0

Once you have received VirtualDek 2.0, you will want to Activate it. By Activating it, we mean to remove the DEMO limitations present such as the 30 Minute Time Limit and also the DEMO voice message.

You can enter your Key and Activate VirtualDek 2.0 by going to the Help menu in the program's Main Front Panel and choosing 'Enter Unlock Key' from the list. A new Window will appear prompting you to enter the Code, so enter it by typing it in the Text Box and then when you are sure it is correct, click on 'OK'.

Upon entering a Valid Activation Code, a new Message Window will appear congratulating you on successfully entering your Unlock Key Code and then VirtualDek 2.0 will be Fully functional with no Time Limit or Demo Message.

Q & A

Q1. Why bother with this Activation Key at all?

A1. We need to prevent Software Piracy which could ultimately put us out of business, therefore the Activation Key system was invented for VirtualDek 2.0 to safeguard it from Illegal Copyright Infringement.

Q2. What if my Key does not work?

A2. Simply contact us, and we will issue you with another Key and send it immediately to your EMail address. We will require your order information, just in case someone else is attempting to gain an Unlock Key free of charge. We allow a maximum of Five Keys per Licensed copy and after this, we have to charge £5.00 per Key. To avoid problems with Activation Keys, please make sure that you enter it as soon as possible to avoid Invalidation of the Key and also enter it correctly.

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