Simple Walkthru for Beginners

Here we will attempt to take you through some easy steps to get your first Mix onto an Audio CD. We are going to use the Two Demo Songs that came with VirtualDek 2.0 to make it easier.

Okay, now is a step by step guide, please follow carefully ...

  • Run VirtualDek 2.0
  • Make sure that before this Walkthru, you had setup your Hardware so that the Audio all sounds correct and good, and that you setup the Windows Mixer and all Aux-In levels for the Microphone etc... Make sure that your Volume Levels are set ready for your Performance.
  • If the Demo Playlist is Not Loaded already, then Load it. You can load it by Dragging it across to the Playlist using your Mouse.
  • Press 'A' for AutoDJ. You should see a Flashing AutoDJ icon to the Top Right of the Main Panel.
  • In the Recordings List Section (Bottom Left), Click on the Record Button (Red Circle)
  • Enter a Name for example, 'My First Recording' and Click 'OK', then click 'OK' again when prompted. VirtualDek 2.0 will no begin to Record your Performance, so we need to be quick so that we do not have too much silence at the start of the Recording. You should see a Flashing 'Recording' Sign and a Big Red Timer displaying the Duration of the Recording so far.
  • Now in the Playlist Section (Bottom Middle), click on 'Launch'. The first song will be loaded onto Deck 'A' and it should begin play (as long as you have 'Enable Deck AutoStart' checked in the Settings Control Panel)
  • Now you may wish to say some words into your Microphone and dub them into this Mix.
  • There are Two songs in the Demo Playlist and about 90% through playing a Song, AutoDJ will Load the next Song from the Playlist onto Deck 'B' and start to Auto Cross Fade, so sit back while AutoDJ attempts to do this.
  • Once both Songs have played out and the Mix is finished, click on the Blue Square (was the Record Button, but has become a Stop Button instead) and Click 'Cancel' which Cancels the Recording.
  • Press 'A' to turn Off AutoDJ.
  • Select (Highlight) your Recording which is now in the Recordings List (Bottom Left) then Right-Click and choose Maximize from the Popup Menu. This will Maximize the Volume of the Recording to as high as possible without Distorting it.
  • Put an Empty or Blank CD-R into your CD Recording Device.
  • Now, Select your Recording again and Right Click, then select Burn CD from the Popup Menu
  • You should see your Recording in the List Box (Left), Select it and then Click 'ADD'. It should now appear in the Burn List (Right)
  • Check that your Empty CD-R has been accepted by the Burn CD Panel by checking the Available Size (it should show the capacity of the Disc, ie. 702Mb for an ordinary CD-R)
  • As your Mix is only short in Duration (about 5 Minutes), it will fit easily onto your CD-R as a Blank CD-R can record upto 80 Minutes of Audio usually.
  • Now, Click on 'Burn CD'. The Burning process should begin and you should see a report of this in the Status Bar at the Bottom of the Burn CD Panel, and also you should see the Progress Indicator advance to the Right.
  • Once complete, the CD-R Disc should Eject.
  • Close VirtualDek 2.0 and then put the Audio CD into a CD Player to play and test it.
  • Hopefully, you was able to follow this guide all the way, and all being well, you have just Produced your very own Audio Mix CD ready to play in your Hi-Fi, Disco, Karaoke, NightClub or Car Stereo!
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